Project Meetings

The AIMWind project-level meetings are conducted once every quarter to track project progress and provide a conducive environment for collaboration. Some of the meetings are conducted physically while others are online.

AIMWind Project Meeting – UiA, Grimstad, Norway | 18th October 2021

AIMWind project team at MIL, Grimstad. From left to right, Rune Schlanbusch, Christos Sakaris, Riccardo Ferrari, Kjell.G. Robbersmyr, Alex Gallo, and Manuel S. Mathew
Riccardo Ferrari presenting guest lecture at UiA, Grimstad

AIMWind Project Meeting – TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands | 2nd September 2022

AIMWind Project Team at TU Delft. From left to right, Surya Kandukuri, Rune Schlanbusch, Alex Gallo, Christos Sakaris, Riccardo Ferrari, van Khang Huynh, Kjell G. Robbersmyr, Nam Du Hoang Nguyen, Kristian S. Seierstad , and Manuel S Mathew